Rocket Jump Zone — Arena FPS Tournaments

Tue, Sep 8th — Shaft Arena 1v1 Cup 2
Thu, Sep 10th — Rocket Arena 1v1 Cup 1
Sat, Sep 12th — Shaft Arena 2v2 Cup 1
Sun, Sep 13th — Rocket Arena 2v2 Cup 1
10 euro prize money for each… I’ll try to get some money for our casters to motivate ’em, so during these events donate or subscribe on twitch as sub’s up to 30% off thumbsup

all the sign ups you can find at —

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Rocket Jump Zone — Arena FPS Tournaments
Arena FPS Esports Organizer. Running Quake Champions & Diabotical Tournaments for Europe and North America. Amateur and Pro level is welcome — Compete and Win Prizes.
August 2020 Recap | Rocket Jump Zone

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